The Girlfriend Experience… A longer encounter, creating history, romance, a relationship with substance.

I specialise in consciously curating a girlfriend experience that will leave you feeling filled up with that post-date glow yet always tingling with the urge for more. In my academia my research is in the field of intimacy and relationships, so one could call me quite the expert! I enjoy reading exquisite texts on the art of romance and palpable intimacy and nurturing my communication and listening skills. One of the biggest challenges in the human world is mastering the art of authentic emotional and sexual intimacy – well then, challenge accepted! After all, we deserve a real and lasting connection that involves lust, friendship and sex.

My own longing for real and deep intimacy is genuine, whether that is sexual, intellectual or spiritual. I do not believe that the ‘honeymoon period’ of any relationship must end, and so I create a carefree intimate bond with specially selected gentlemen that focuses exclusively on the good qualities of what it is like to have a girlfriend. Expect romance, closeness, warmth, support, care, laughter, exploration and play. The pursuit of such genuine intimacy can feel daunting and perhaps dangerous, as it requires the courage and commitment of getting to know one another. But with risk comes great reward – a delicious blend of the masculine and feminine making for the most tasteful of experiences!