Let’s Invest in One another…

As an exclusively GFE companion, I prioritise longer dates, starting at 3 hours. This is because I adore establishing an authentic, sensual connection; one of which I hope will create an insatiable desire to meet again… and again… and again! As a woman who is spontaneous and loves to seize the day, I do offer same week appointments. However, this is dependent upon my schedule and so I encourage you to try and book our date in advance – the early bird catches the worm, so-to-speak!

My time with you is specially curated with non-negotiable consideration rates that reflect the quality of your encounter with me. If you have a date idea in mind, please share your vision with me via email or booking form and I will respond with a consideration rate that fairly reflects it. However, if you would like to collaborate on creating a date, I am only more than happy to discuss! If you want some inspiration, head over to my wishes page where I share some of my date and travel desires.

*Please note that I am available for outcall dates, train-me-to-you (TMTY) and fly-me-to-you (FMTY) arrangements. All investment rates are for my time and companionship only. Anything else that may transpire during our time together is a free choice between two consenting adults.

Sweet Experiences

Dinner and Cocktails with Rebecca
3 – 4 hours
Strapped for time but still want the girlfriend experience? This is the perfect little package for an introductory
date; perhaps a long lunch between meetings, or an evening of tasty cocktails followed by an even tastier tryst!

An Extended Date with Rebecca
6 – 10 hours
Perfect for trying a new restaurant’s tasting menu together or for introducing me to an old favourite.
With more time and consideration: imagine exploring what the city has to offer, spending time in a spa,
seeing a show or an exhibition, listening to Jazz in a darkly lit room, or dancing the night away. The city is ours!

Indulgent Encounters

Sunset to Sunrise: A Sleepover with Rebecca
Starting at 12 hours
Imagine meeting for a pre dinner cocktail, followed by an unhurried dinner, providing us with an exciting and intense build up.
We make our way back to the room and pounce on one another, not even thinking about the time!
Eventually we doze off, only to wake up to one another, and share in-room breakfast (with dessert!)

24 Hours or More
Getting into the real GFE experience; 24 hour dates (or more!) allow for scope to really explore, play, nurture and relax.
Expect to be immersed in a bubble of pure pleasure, leaving you with a warm glow upon separating.

Worldwide GFE Adventures
(Fly Me To You)

My favourite! I am an adventurer at heart and love nothing more than jet setting, discovering, especially with someone just as enthusiastic by my side.
Worldwide appointments start at 12 hours within Europe and 24 hours Worldwide. What are you waiting for? The World is ours to play in!

Please note:

*All extended dates must include an appropriate amount of social time, including sufficient time to eat and a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
For dates 24 hours or more, a minimum of 1 hour of self admin time is required.

*All travel must be via business or first class whenever possible, and all travel expenses, food and activities paid for.

*For long haul travel dates, an additional charge for travel time will be incurred.

Let’s Make an Arrangement… The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Beautifully established connections and ongoing relationships are my absolute favourite. I adore an arrangement with a gentleman. Getting to know one another’s quirks (in and out of the bedroom!), creating inside jokes, and truly indulging in one another in a way that single or irregular encounters cannot imitate. If we have shared at least one wonderful date together and you are interested in establishing an arrangement, then contact me to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sometimes familiar becomes magic

Alix Olson