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Probably just like you, I find myself stumbling around in this world trying to figure out who I am, what I want to do, where I want to be, how I want to enjoy life and when I want to do it (though the latter is usually, right now, due to my spontaneous nature). Yet, something about the way I move through life, tends to spark a certain kind of light in others. I say this without arrogance and instead, with a humility and gratitude that I carry with me, always. This spark has influenced the journey I have taken; starting out on stage from the age of four. Now, however, I have taken this gift and made it personal. Rather than performing for countless people at a time while being inhibited from true connection by the fourth wall, I now prefer to be the real me with one person (okay, I also enjoy two, three, four or more people occasionally!) In short, my nickname is JOY for a reason. I was and still am, that girl you knew who radiated something that you just could not help but be drawn to. Well, I say, resist not lover. In my world, flying too close to the sun is a risk worth taking…  

So, who am I? My stats are as follows; blonde, blue-eyed, 5ft5, slim figure. You’ve seen the images. That isn’t why you’re reading this introduction. You want to know a little more. Perhaps you’d like to know that I am a huge conversationalist and love perfecting the art of active listening, or that a sense of humour is one of my most valued qualities in a person. Maybe you’d like to know what I do. By day, I study psychology. By night, I am meeting the likes of you for an intimate dinner date or overnight rendezvous. Hold on, there’s more. I am an active and adventurous type with a love for hiking, running, and climbing. I enjoy cooking healthy meals (okay yes, I also love cheeky takeout), dancing around in my underpants like no one is watching (though the neighbours often are), putting my favourite 70’s vinyl on while stretching on my yoga mat. Reading is a huge part of my life too, from psychology books to historical fiction, to poetry. All these things I do, and to put it bluntly, I am hoping to add you to my roster.

I suppose a more interesting question then is, how do I enjoy life? This leads me to the mysterious and wonderful world of companionship. One way to explain why I do this is simple: I am a merciless flirt, lover of passion and a huge romantic. Along with this and my natural ability to put you at ease with my sparkling blue eyes has landed me here, and how lucky I feel to get to do this! I cannot get enough of meeting someone new or known, feeling the heat between us build as we get lost in playful conversation, creating genuine chemistry that feels both familiar and seductively new all of the time. My hedonistic nature perfectly complements all of this and that is why I love collecting Michelin Stars (though a beer and packet of crisps down ‘at pub has been known to happen!) – whatever date we curate, expect sparks to fly among the conversation, laughter, play, kisses and more. To have me as your girlfriend is to stimulate every one of your senses. Are you ready for it?

My closest friends say that the sun shines out of my face and into your heart. Of course, I cannot prove this to you until we meet, but until then, I hope this introduction has well and truly whet your appetite…

Model Stats:

Height: 5’ 5”
Body Type: Slim/Slender
Nationality: British
Education: MA Human Rights
Dress Size: UK 6 – 8 / XS – S
Bra Size: 32B
Shoe Size: UK 4.5 / EU 37.5
Tattoos: 4 delicate feminine pieces
Available to travel: Yes!
Hobbies: Dance, Travel, Reading, collecting Vinyl Records and Michelin stars!
Passions: Psychology, Jazz, Wine, Fashion, The Arts